Sunday, December 13, 2009

Preserving Memories

I've been so caught up in the bustle of the holiday season (aka 3 weekends of Santa/pet pictures) that I needed a reality check of why I like to take pictures of pets so much. I did enjoy seeing so many happy dogs (and a few cats) that are spoiled enough to visit Santa, but it's not really why I do this. It was a guilty pleasure to take a sneak peak at yesterday's photo shoot even though I have another job I need to finish before I can edit all of these.

The love that this family has for their dog is so special yet so sad since she is in her golden years. To be able to preserve that bond for them makes me feel like there's a reason that I learned so much about photography, so that I can help celebrate life! You see, as much as they love Kyra, there's one thing they can't do for her. They can't make her live forever. But hopefully my photographs of her will give them a lasting legacy to comfort them when her time comes.